Magic in the City
Magic in the City cover
Canadian brothers Jake and Simon Grubb aren't happy about having to move to London, England. But when they meet a magician who gives them three magic objects, they hatch a plan to get themselves home again.

  • 'A satisfying, old-fashioned-feeling magical adventure.' KIRKUS REVIEWS
  • .. pages of fun and an enthralling exercise in imagination. BOOKLIST
  • Dyer creates sympathetic characters in ever-curious Simon; Jake, whose anger over his lost home is deeply felt; and Hannah, who must work up her courage to join the adventure. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
  • A lively supplemental addition to upper elementary collections. SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

The Flying Bedroom
Elinor's bedroom looks ordinary - but it's not. It takes her to visit pirates, a faraway island, the theatre, the moon... Elinor never knows where her bedroom will take her next.

  • Bestselling children’s book for the Welsh Books Council, summer 2014 

The Girl with the Broken Wing  
Hilary crash-lands on the roof of twins James and Amanda one stormy night. Amanda thinks she's an angel, but James disagrees. Angels don't have dirty feet or snore, he says.

  • 'Good books for this age group are often hard to find, but this has been a particularly good year in which the best of the bunch is The Girl with the Broken Wing by Heather Dyer.' DAILY MAIL 
  • Richard and Judy’s Best Children’s Book Ever nomination, 2007
  • Best International Book by the US Board on Books for Children and Young People, 2006

The Fish in Room 11 
Eliza Flot is not your typical mermaid - she has stringy hair and a chipped front tooth.

  • 'A quirky, charming book, funny and imaginative.' 
  • 'A little classic.' THE TIMES
  • The Highland Book Awards, winner, 2004
  • Starred review in Publisher’s Weekly, 2005

The Boy in the Biscuit Tin
(US tile Ibby’s Magic Weekend)
Three children find a magic set that does real magic - with embarrassing consequences. 

  • "Crisp language, fully formed characters, and a swiftly moving plot make the book fly. The children's relationships with one another ring true, particularly between the brothers." BOOKLIST
  • Galaxy Best British Children’s Book Award nomination, 2008

Tina and the Penguin (picture book) Kids Can Press,  Illustrated by Mireille Levert
When a penguin follows Tina after a class trip to the zoo, she dresses him in her pink coat and beret and takes him home on the bus.

  • Recommended Book, The National (US) Association for Humane and Environmental Education, 2003